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Planning a streaming seminar? We can help with your digital presentation. At NEP, we provide high-quality solutions. Thanks to our experiences with TV productions, we can help with everything from idea and concept development to planning and implementation. We do this together with some of the market’s best manufacturers and the most modern equipment.

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Five good pieces of advice about streaming

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“A year ago, we had a professional meeting on Teams. It kept freezing during the meeting which, of course, we were not happy about. We knew that we had to raise the communication quality in 2021. We depend on high-quality images and clips. This streaming solution has absolutely lived up to our expectations.”

Terje Hauge, Head of Referees, Fotballdommerne

“I received 115 emails from NEP's project manager in the two months that the project ran. What makes this so special is that it was in the middle of summer and every weekend. This is proof of the exceptionally close contact they offer, as well as an interest I have never experienced before from a technical supplier and an attitude of ‘Anything is possible’.”

Stein-Roger Bull, Producer in Norway of the Met Opera’s Live in Concert

“The feedback from our members, the cruise lines and the cruise industry has been phenomenal. I could not have been happier with the outcome and a key factor of this success has been the partnership with NEP Norway. From the very start, they have been extremely professional and friendly and have also given us sound advice from day one.”

Jens Skrede, Managing Director, Cruise Europe

“We need partners we can trust. When we have a partner who delivers on the technical end and who is fully responsible for their part of the job, we can focus on content and what we want to achieve with the event. We also simply enjoy working with the talented professionals at NEP. They understand exactly what we need.”

Tor Jenssen, Product and Marketing Manager, Helly Hansen