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At NEP, we respect each and every employee and value their contribution. We offer competitive salaries, along with comprehensive benefits packages and a responsive support staff. We encourage all of our team members to grow and develop their careers – and thanks to our global operations, opportunities abound. By offering great benefits, a pleasant work environment and numerous opportunities for professional development, we give our employees the ability to grow their careers in a challenging and ever-changing global company.

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At NEP, we respect every employee and value their contribution. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages and a responsive support staff.

We encourage all of our team members to grow and develop their careers—and with global operations, opportunities abound. In addition to opportunities to work on projects around the world, we offer continuing education in a broad variety of topics through NEP University and numerous regional education programs. Additionally, we offer apprentice programs in various locations for qualified candidates who want to become broadcast production and live event engineers.

NEP is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to creating a workplace where human rights are respected and all individuals are allowed to make the most of their capabilities.

Whether during the course of recruitment, training or promoting, we are committed to treating all applicants and employees equally and without regard to non-business-related characteristics, including race, color, religion, national origin, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status, veteran status, pregnancy, age, disability or any other classification protected by law. Our commitment is reinforced by the Company’s policies, which are based on existing international standards and cover discrimination, human trafficking, child labor and other human rights issues that could potentially arise in the workplace or in connection with our suppliers and outsourcing partners.

A place to grow professionally

NEP is committed to being a great place to work, and one way it accomplishes that goal is by consistently investing in employees. The company encourages mentoring relationships and provides training programs and online classes so that employees can learn new skills and grow professionally, gaining insight into subjects ranging from the technical to the managerial. In short, NEP doesn’t just serve clients—the company provides employees the opportunity to grow professionally and take on new roles.

Social workplace

Working in NEP means working alongside highly professional colleagues that are happy to share their knowledge with each other. It is also a workplace where you get to know your colleagues. Every day we are served delicious dishes by our own chef when we meet for lunch. Don't tell anyone, but it's the highlight of the day. We also like to arrange social gatherings for our employees. Sometimes out of town, we travel both to the mountains as well as the sea. We hold annual summer parties and Christmas dinners, but also like to arrange more spontaneous social get-togethers.

Ladies of NEP

NEP Norway has a strong focus on diversity. One of our goals is to increase the number of women in the company. As part of this goal, we have started our own network, Ladies of NEP. We invite all female employees to join the group, where we arrange both professional and social gatherings. It is both good fun and inspiring to get involved in Ladies of NEP. The group works actively with its own goals on how to promote women in the industry.

Iconic events & outstanding quality

Technology is constantly changing within the broadcast and live events industries, so staying fresh and innovative is not optional—it’s essential. That’s why NEP embraces cutting-edge solutions to consistently deliver exactly what clients want. The company leverages its global scale to create custom client-centered solutions coupled with local service—virtually everywhere in the world. NEP employees love working on projects that offer the scale, high visibility, and technical complexity that challenges the team to continually learn.

Standard of excellence

NEP is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions and building strong client relationships—objectives that require not only innovation and excellence but also integrity. As such, NEP employees stick to their commitments, whether by providing outstanding service during high-profile events or by reliably communicating and following through with clients. Though NEP’s staff is made up of thousands of employees throughout the world, the organization functions as a single team, maintaining a consistently high level of excellence for each and every client.

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