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Behind powerful productions

NEP Norway is the largest broadcast service provider in Norway and is proud to work with leading broadcasters and content owners in the country. From our headquarters in Oslo, where we have established the Oslo Broadcast Center, we work on productions across the country and provide solutions for clients both nationally and internationally. We combine technology leadership and expertise to provide our clients with services and solutions that meet their needs and to create, enrich and distribute their content to the world.

We combine technology leadership and expertise to provide our clients with services and solutions that meet their needs and to create, enrich and distribute their content to the world.

Who we are

  • 135 highly skilled and motivated employees, 350+ certified freelancers
  • Broad expertise in technical productions, workflow automation, software solutions
  • Offices in Oslo and Trondheim
  • 10 OB units in operation, 1 SNG unit
  • 9 flightpacks in different sizes
  • 2 studios
  • 2 production control rooms, 2 master control rooms
  • 16 edit suites, 8 commentary rooms, 1 plotting room
  • DTT and IPTV head-end
  • Data centres hosting mediabank and streaming back-ends

Oslo Broadcast Center

Located in the Økern district of Oslo, our broadcast center (OBC) is the headquarters of our operations in Norway. It hosts our technical infrastructure, comprising data centers, fiber connectivity, a downlink farm, production rooms, studios, master control rooms and a network operation center, and is the base for our production fleets. Our offices, where our technical, commercial and operational teams work together to design, develop and deliver our services, also accommodate facilities for our clients during their studio productions.

NEP Group info

For over 30 years, NEP has been a worldwide outsourced production partner that supports leading content producers of live sports, entertainment, music and corporate events. Our technical services include remote production, studio production, centralized production, audio visual solutions, host broadcast support, premium playout, post production and innovative media asset management solutions. NEP’s 4,000+ employees are driven by a passion for superior service and a focus on technical innovation. Together, we have supported productions in 88 countries on all seven continents.


The company was established in 1985 as KanalH and grew to become part of the Mediatec Group in 2008. We opened the Oslo Broadcast Center in 2011 and relocated our offices and technical infrastructure in order to be able to expand our operations. After experiencing continuous growth and expansion, we joined the NEP Group in 2015. Together with our other Nordic NEP entities, we represent the group in the Nordic region, with long-term partnerships with several of the largest players in media production. As part of the NEP Group, we are proud to be a leading service provider for broadcasters, production companies and rights owners around the world.

NEP Norway is a certified Eco-Lighthouse Enterprise

Eco-Lighthouse enterprises work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures on a systematic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally friendly operations and safer work environments.

NEP Norway is proud to be a certified Eco-Lighthouse enterprise. We have taken important steps towards a green and sustainable future.Now we will continue our work to achieve greener purchasing, lower energy consumption, smarter transport, less waste, and a better working environment.

Sustainability & Corporate Responsbillity

At NEP We Are Committed To Making Smart Use
Of The Earth’s Resource

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We are also a proud partner of Kreftforeningen
(Norwegian Cancer Society)


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