Football for Discovery

We have been a proud supplier for Discovery in the production of Eliteserien and the OBOS league since the start of the season in 2017. We deliver 485 matches each season on various production levels and production methods. Most matches are produced with an OB truck at the arena. Some matches are produced centrally with a producer at the Oslo Broadcast Center and some matches are 1 camera productions. The levels of OB productions range from 4 - 16 cameras.

We have also developed a solution for remote control of graphics. Along with centralized productions, this helps reduce the need for travel, and thus also contribute to a more sustainable production method.

For 1 camera productions, we have developed an automated graphics and replay system. This retrieves data automatically and updates position, clock, team lineup, goal scorer, substitutes and cards. In this system, we have also developed a replay system where commentators can easily run replays, play interviews, and create highlight packages. This provides great visual value for these small low-cost productions.